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AGAVE TOBALÁ Characteristics​

A small agave varietal, the Tobalá, is a subspecies of the Potatorum family of agave, scientifically known as Agave Potatorum.  The term Tobalá is a Zapotec word, but it can also be regionally found as Papalometl, a Nahuatl name.


Tobalá is one of the smallest magueys in existence measuring one eighth the size of an espadin. It has broad, spade-like leaves.  The compact size of this agave and its small piña yields limited quantities of mezcal and takes 12-15 years to reach full maturation.  It grows in high regions of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoaocan, and Puebla at around 5,000+ feet (1,500+ meters) above the sea level and likes to grow in rocky canyons.  This agave needs animals such as birds and bats to aid in its propagation.    Unlike most other agave, Tobala does not produce hijuelos, which are the shoots or pups that sprout around the main plant once it has matured. For this reason, Tobalá can only grow from seed.  Some places recognize two different types of Tobalá:  Tobalá Chino which grows in the sun, and Tobalá Orejon which grows in the shade. This difference in sunlight is amplified over the 12-15 years it takes for the plants to reach maturity, and the two different types of Tobalá have a noticeably different character and taste. 


Though wild agaves are increasingly rare, there are more and more farms cultivating Agave Potatorum.


MEZCAL DE TOBALÁ Characteristics​

Tobalá mezcal is the type of mezcal made with the Tobalá maguey.  This is the fourth most popular type of mezcal after the common:  Espadin, Cupreata and Cuish.  This agave offers intensely aromatic mezcal with complex notes of tropical fruit.


Tobalá can taste widely different depending on a variety of factors.  The factors that can affect taste and smell are:  elevation, weather, soil, the harvesting process, the roasting process, the grinding equipment and process, fermentation vat, time of year, equipment used for distillation, the Mezcalero specific process.


The Mezcal is characterized by being aromatic with strong notes tropical fruits and slightly spicy notes. This is a delicious spirit and the favorite of many real mezcal connoisseurs.  You will be tasting a a beautiful hand-crafted product that took 15+ years to mature in the wild; not many base ingredients in any spirit in the world can flaunt such feat.

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